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Literature as one of the works of art that deserve

Literature As Art
There are three things that distinguish between the literary works written works other than literature, namely the nature of the fictional, the values ​​of art, and the way the use of language is typical.

The nature of fictional literary work is a result of the fact that the literary works created by the imagination; and although the literature talks about the realities and problems nyang real life, literary works were first creating a fictional world as a backdrop where the realities and the problems it can be contemplated and lived by readers. Puisi Cinta Terbaru

The values ​​of art (aesthetic) is not only a requirement to distinguish between literary and non-literary, but instead with the aid of these values ​​that writers can express clearly his heart, deep, and rich-rich. As for the artistic values ​​include: integrity (unity), or unity in diversity (unity in variety), balance (balance), harmony (harmony), and the right pressure (right emphasis).

The meaning of integrity is a literary work must be intact; that is to say, any parts or elements available to him should support the efforts of disclosure hearts content writers. In other words, in the literature there is no element that chance.Puisi Cinta Everything is planned and there in the literature as the results of the election and careful consideration.

What is meant by balance are the elements or parts that exist in the literature, either in size or weight, should be appropriate, or by function.

Alignment of the relationships of the elements or parts of literary works with elements or other parts; means, elements or parts of it must support element or the other, and not interfere or obscure.

The right pressure means that an important element or part must be emphasized more than the elements or parts that are less important. Puisi Cinta An important element that will be done writers more closely, while the less important it may just be an outline and schematic nature only.